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The Home of Jim's Dad

Where will he be today?

Lancaster Uni Film Society
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  • filmsoc@livejournal.com
This is the journal of Lancaster University Film Society. It was created for members of the exec (and anyone else I chose to give the password to) to keep a record of what goes on in the society and within the group and just to have a bitch if necessary, we don't need to know who posted it!!

This might not be a great idea, it might get abused, or nobody might use it... we'll see, just post away and have fun!

Remember, worse things have happened at sea :-)

In general we like: gossip, curry, films, cinema,
~ Alex H: badgers, mushroom, snake,katie holmes, mushroom, girlfriend, tongue piercing, the big lady betsie,
~ Alex E: Vicky, arses, sexy accents, Weebl & Bob, DDR, JD,
~ Anna: chocolate, boyfriends
~ Bella: jim's dad, clubbing, rugby players, tea with friends, checking out guys
~ James: being vice-prez,
~ Luis: Mili, pina colada, comics, twix, BUFFY!!
~ Nick: no stress, non-alcoholic / hungover exec meetings, seeing drunk exec members on Spine
~ Rich: ?
~ Vicki: eastenders, archie, rabbit, pencil sharpener, chocolate